Distance learning and adult education

SUA-TV broadcasts a wide range of programmes in agriculture and related fields such as management of natural resources, human health and nutrition, soil conservation and land management, integrated pest management, environment and development, veterinary, animal health and production. There are also programmes on cross-cutting issues such as gender, HIV/AIDS and good governance. SUATV also broadcasts news, current affairs, and entertainment programmes. In addition, SUATV encourages programme exchange and cooperation with other TV stations worldwide. Advertising services are also provided at reasonable rates.


SUA TV Vision

The Vision of SUATV is to become an acclaimed national television station of proven agricultural technologies and contribute to the transformation of agriculture sector in Tanzania towards more efficient sustainable and market oriented agriculture.

SUA TV Mission

The mission of SUATV is to provide education which promotes the development of applied sciences and technologies in agricultural and its related fields based on sound business principles.




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