Mission to promote and coordinate outreach activities for wider dissemination of innovations, technologies and delivering of services to communities and other stakeholders.

The Institute’s Mission is translated into the following objective

  • Offer and conduct demand driven short courses, seminars and workshops for farmers, extension personnel and other beneficiaries;
  • Disseminate agricultural innovations and technologies to end users
  • Deliver outreach activities and community services through continuing education and various exhibitions
  • Promote SUA activities by providing reliable and effective communication media to key stakeholders
  • Coordinate outreach activities within SUA and promote mutual collaboration with local and international Institutions,
  • Provide adequate and quality facilities for training programmes, short courses, seminars, workshops, meeting and conferences.
  • Collaborate with government and non governmental agencies in areas of outreach, consultancy, research, extension and training. 

The mandate of the Institute is to coordinate and facilitate all outreach activities carried out by the University.