About Us

The Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) is one of the academic institutes of the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). ICE is located at SUA Main Campus in Morogoro town, about 200 km West of Dar es Salaam. The Institute was established on 29th January 1988 through Government notice No. 25 to serve as an OUTREACH arm of the University.

The Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) is an institute within Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). The Institute is located at SUA Main Campus, Morogoro town, about 200 km West of Dar es Salaam. The Institute was established by the government notice No.25 published on 29th January 1988, to serve as an outreach arm of the University. The ICE mandate is in line with SUA’s mission in implementing outreach activities and delivery of community services. The University underwent restructuring process in 2015 where by ICE was restructured to meet SUA’s vision and mission as well as realization of various national objectives. 

Vision, Mission and Mandate of ICE

The ICE mandate is in line with SUA’s mission in implementing outreach activities and delivery of community services. The Institute established four sections that aim to enhance the Institute to align its functions and serve the University core values.


ICE’s vision is to play a leading role in outreach and delivery of community services.


Mission to promote and coordinate outreach activities for wider dissemination of innovations, technologies and delivering of services to communities and other stakeholders.

The Institute’s Mission is translated into the following objective

  • Offer and conduct demand driven short courses, seminars and workshops for farmers, extension personnel and other beneficiaries;
  • Disseminate agricultural innovations and technologies to end users
  • Deliver outreach activities and community services through continuing education and various exhibitions
  • Promote SUA activities by providing reliable and effective communication media to key stakeholders
  • Coordinate outreach activities within SUA and promote mutual collaboration with local and international Institutions,
  • Provide adequate and quality facilities for training programmes, short courses, seminars, workshops, meeting and conferences.
  • Collaborate with government and non governmental agencies in areas of outreach, consultancy, research, extension and training. 

The mandate of the Institute is to coordinate and facilitate all outreach activities carried out by the University.

Organizational Set-up

The activities of ICE are governed by the ICE’s Board. The Director of the Institute serves as the Chairperson of the board. Members are drawn from Colleges, Institutes and  other institutions and local government whose activities relate, or are relevant to those of the ICE. The Board is responsible for policy making, planning and monitoring all activities of the Institute. The Board is assisted by a limited number of core staff, both academic and administrative. The staff take the lead in planning and executing various activities on behalf of the University. Prof. Dismass L. Mwaseba is the Current Director of  The Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) 

Institute Sections

Based on SUA’s restructuring process, the ICE has established four sections. Outreach and community education, Continuing education, Education communication media and Conference services.

Continuing Education

This section deals with provision and coordination of continuing education in the form of short courses through face to face instruction and by distance learning. Emphasis is on training in-service actors (researchers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, extension workers, farmers among others).

Outreach and Community Education

Deals with disseminating technologies and innovations generated by SUA researchers to targeted beneficiaries (farmers, private sector and the general public). The major functions of this section. include coordination of various exhibitions, extension activities, training farmers and other actors on various aspects of development. It also involve  packaging and repackaging of technologies for wider dissemination.

Education Communication Media

This section plays a pivotal role in managing communication media facilities (SUA FM Radio, SUA TV, New Media, audio-visual equipment and Journal of Continuing Education and Extension (JCEE). SUA Media is aimed at enhancing the dissemination of innovations and technologies. The SUA- Media facility invites educational programs and advertisements at reasonable rates. Also it encourages program exchange and cooperation with other local and international TV stations.

Conference Services

This section manages  conference facilities to meet the needs of a wide range of clientele. The facilities  include:

  • A conference hall with a capacity for 100 people
  • Audio visual room for 40-50 people
  • A board room for 15-20 people;
  • All rooms are equiped with modern public address system
  • Nane Nane Pavilion with a capacity of 300 people
  • Hostels with a capacity of 60 people;
  • A cafeteria accommodating up to 100 people at a time

The institute provides reasonable rates for services  rendered. Information on prevailing rates is available at the Director’s office. The ICE surroundings are attractive and conducive for both local and international conferences.  Our clients enjoy the scenic view of the Uluguru Mountains while working in a tranquil University environment.


There are various facilities for sports and recreation including outdoor games such as football, lawn tennis, volleyball, and netball which are within the University premises. All these facilities are accessible to our clients.