ICE hosts, coordinates and carry out activities that fall around three sections:

  1. Outreach, Continuing and Community Education
  2. Education Communication Media
  3. Conference Services

Outreach, Continuing and Community Education

This programming sections covers all matters related to:

· Planning and executing extension activities in communities;

· Conducting demonstrations based on recommendations from on-going research in the University and elsewhere;

· Planning and organizing field days and various shows in collaboration with other university departments.

· Identifying stakeholders and farmers’ training needs, planning and conducting short trainings, which include both already made and tailor made

· Planning and coordinating in-service training programmes;

· Identifying appropriate and suitable resource persons from within and outside the University.

Education communication media

This includes activities of the SUAMEDIA such as education programmes, news, sports and entertainment. The SUAMEDIA constitutes SUATV available at Channel 50, TING recorder;  and SUAFM, which is available at wavelength 101.1 FM


Conference services

The services offered include conference halls, accommodation, meals, audio-visual facilities that support both conference and teaching activities.