SUATV existed since 1994 under the institute of continuing Education (ICE). SUAMEDIA was then officially reorganized in 2015, to serve a pivotal role in bridging the gap between SUA as a public institution and other stakeholders, while putting the farming communities at the centre. The media informs, educate and provide entertainment to diverse audiences including students, SUA staff, researchers, extension officers, farmers, and the general public. Establishment of SUAMEDIA is focused on dissemination of information that promote adoption of innovations and technologies for the advancement of agriculture and allied sciences. Likewise,the facility is an outreach arm of the university in an endeavor to reach more farmers and others.


To be an outstanding broadcaster of agriculture innovations and technologies that contributes to the transformation of agricultural sector in Tanzania .


To became a professional, vibrant and cost-effective and dynamic public broadcaster.

SUAMEDIA’s Mandate is to:

  • To expand communication coverage beyond Morogoro Region.
  • Produce a good number of quality agricultural development oriented programmes.
  • Cpllaborate with other partners outside SUA in developing programmes.
  • Collect,pack and broadcast news,stories,documentaries and special programmes to the public.
  • Undertake contractual assignments to produce documentaries and special programmes, including advertisements at reasonable and affordable charges.
  • Develop capacity of SUAMEDIA staff.


SUAMEDIA consists of three units,namely:

  1. SUATV,
  2. SUAFM radio and
  3. New Media.

In keeping pace with current transformations within the electronic media,SUATV programmes are broad. The new Media unit deals with sharing of knowledge and skills throught SUAMEDIA’s web page and social media (i.e.Facebook,blog and Youtube)

The station has diverse and vibrant team of staff to meet commercial challenges of an increasingle competitive media environment and diversity of clients’s demands.

SUAMEDIA: A tool in Outreach Services Delivery.

Television broadcasts have power and is effective in influencing people’s behavioral change i.e. Attitudes,  and practices ‘’Seeing is believing’’ therefore use of picture and sounds lead to reach impact of different innovations and technologies developed by SUA Scientists to the users. 

SUAFM radio has also has a great potential of serving as a platform for outreach services delivery to a number of beneficiaries accessible with radio and mobile phones handsets.

Among others, timely  delivery of appropriate technologies that is cognizant of the end user’s needs attitudes and abilities has a great potential of transforming sustainable the agricultural intervention in question.

Being the only agro-based media station in Tanzania,the SUAMEDIA stands in the upper hand to play a very strategic role in enhancing the agricultural transformation process towards industrialized middle-income economy.

What SUAMEDIA is Offering?

A number of Tv and Radio programmes tailored to fit in with the stated Vision and Mission of the station, and the Sokoine University of Agriculture are duced and broadcasted to the general public. Programmes are packaged to suit all viewers and listeners of walks to put into practice.

SUAMEDA also undertake contractual assignments to produce documentaries and special programmes, including advertisement at very reasonable and affordable chages.



Facebook: 101.1suafm