SUA Outreach Centers

Outreach centers are important strategic places where SUA demonstrates its innovations and technologies.

Sokoine University of Agriculture has campuses, which serve the regular trainings as well as outreach purposes. The campuses include

  1. The Main campus (2,376 ha) where ICE, SUA Model Farm and Horticultural unit are found,
  2. Solomon Mahlangu Campus (1,050 ha) in Morogoro,
  3. Olmotonyi campus (840 ha) near Arusha ,
  4. Mazumbai campus (320 ha) near Lushoto,
  5. Mizengo Pinda Campus in Katavi,
  6. Tunduru, Mbinga and Ifinga campuses in Ruvuma.Other outreach stations are
  1. Kibogwa,
  2. Nyachilo,
  3. Mtanga,
  4. Mgeta,
  5. Morning side and
  6. Kitulang’alo forest in Morogoro Region.