Systematizing the undertaking of outreach activities at SUA


Outreach is one of the core functions of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) along with training, research and delivery of services.  The vitality of outreach mandate of SUA is demonstrated by existence of the Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) that was established by the Government Notice No. 25 of 1988 to serve as an outreach arm of the University. Article 21 of the University Charter, 2007, which is an institutional legal document that establishes and defines the governance of the University, further declares the ICE among other units charged with the role of coordinating the undertaking of outreach activities at SUA.


 Photo showing viewers at an outreach activity conducted at Sokoine University of Agriculture


Guidelines for implementation of outreach activities at SUA

To ensure that the undertaking of outreach activities is systematized and effectively coordinated, SUA formulated an Outreach Policy, which was approved by the University SENATE in June 2017. This was followed by the formulation of strategic implementation plan that translates objectives of the outreach policy into strategic areas of focus. More recently, the University SENATE has approved Guidelines as an operationalization document for undertaking outreach activities at the SUA. The document constitutes 11 sections that provide easy guide for conducting such activities.


Follow this link to access the “Guidelines for Implementation of University Outreach Activities”



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